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Romi Meier
Red Feniks ist die beste Agentur mit noch besseren Mitarbeitern und Beratern. Vielen Dank vor allem an Mila und Atilla, die wir inzwischen ins Herz geschlossen haben. Noch nie haben wir Immobilienmakler kennen gelernt, die so sehr ihr überdurchschnittliches Engagement gezeigt haben. Das Angebot und die Betreuung ist einzigartig.
Mehmet Altınel
Bayan Swetlena ile telefonda tanıştık çok yardımcı oldu.sonra kendisiyle budva da buluştuk sayesinde kendime iki ev aldım. Bir çok arkadaş da kendisinin yarıdımı ile montenegroda ev sahibi oldu. Hem emlak hem oturum alma konusunda kendisi ve çalışanları tam bir profosyonel her konuda kendisine güvendik oda bizi hiç mahçup etmedi kendisini ve şirketinin bütün çalışanlarını montenegroya geleceklere tavsiye ederim Herşey için teşekkürler swetlena Yakında tekrar görüşmek üzere Yardımlrına teşekkürler
Mustafa Genco
Ben bir İstanbul insanı olarak daha güzel bir yer olacağını ve yaşanabileceğini düşünemezdim!!! Ama başta İrina olmak üzere, Svetlana hanım efendi sizlere çok çok teşekkür ederim. Aldığım evin seçiminde bana göstermiş olduğunuz anlayış ve yaklaşım için ... İyi ki sizleri tanımışım, benim her işimi çok kolaylaştırdınız. Ama unutmayın sizlerinde Türkiye de İstanbul' da bir eviniz var artık...
Red Feniks, dostluğunuza ve misafirperverliğinize çok teşekkür ederim. Öncelikle hiç aklımda yokken, böyle bir ülkede yaşamak ve oturma isteğim, bana samimi yaklaştığınız için gerçekten çok teşekkür ederim. Bir daha gelir ve karar verirsem kesin sizlerle çalışacağım. Teşekkürler arkadaşlar :)))
Annabel and Jan Smith
In my time, I bought real estate in Tivat, so it turned out that the documents were not issued correctly. All previous attempts to re-issue the documents did not succeed until the director Irina Rasskazova started to help out. The work was done through the official state bodies of Montenegro which allowed correctly to issue the documents. I want to note the professionalism, consistency and a real desire to help of Irina Rasskazova .
Roy Gibson
In April 2017, I bought real estate in Dobrota (Kotorska community). Since I found the real estate object myself, and I personally knew the sellers for several years, I needed only help with registration. Despite the fact that I am not their client, RED FENIKS employees have repeatedly and very professionally consulted me, and in Montenegro Irina Rasskazova, was involved in all problems. She was personally present at the conclusion of the contract and further engaged in all subsequent steps. The result: all documents are decorated. And even after the completion of all documents, Irina repeatedly advised me on all emerging issues. Many thanks!
Berta and Adam Berkly
It was nice to work in the spring - in the summer of 2016 with a representative of the firm Red Feniks in Montenegro. Well-organized work on the selection and display of real estate options. Pleasantly surprised by the attitude of the company's employees to the wishes and requirements of the customer. I would especially like to express my gratitude to Alexandr Lysinski.
Family Bednova, Almaty, Kazakhistan
We thank the company Red Feniks, in particular Violetta Starkova, for competent and qualified work in the field of consulting and recommendations for the purchase of real estate in Montenegro. Very satisfied with the professional attitude of your specialists to the client. We wish you continued success and prosperity. Regards, the Bednova family from Almaty.
Anna and Andy Lee
When I first came to Montenegro in summer 2015, I instantly understood that this country in the one for me, and just a couple months later I decided that I want to buy a house in this little heaven. I came accross Red Feniks estate agency when I was walking on the streets of Budva. I was pleasently surprised when I came in and saw the kindness in the staff`s eyes who were all willing to work with me. The performance of Red Feniks estate agency is truly outstanding!!! Bravo!!! Special thanks to Aleksandr Lysinski and Svetlana Timashova who helped me to find the happiness I was looking for.
Robert and Maria Baldwin
It was October 2013, meand my wife were very interested to buy a house by the shore. Fortunately we found Red Feniks estate agency, which was the perfect solution for our problem. We were warmly welcomed and received very nice offered. The staff was were cooperative and very kind. Big thanks to Irina Rasskazova, who is very nice person to talk to and also very professional in her area. I am very grateful to Red Feniks for making my dream of buying a very nice house by the sea possible.
Josephine and Mark Gilson
In november 2012 we made use of the services of Red Feniks. Throughout the deal we were accompanied by the manager Ludmila. She is a very nice person and very professional in her area, all the way from picking property to sealing the deal without any problems. Thank you very much! In May we are coming to our own lovely appartment.
Alex and Victoria Davidson
In September we were resting in Budva. At that time we were also busy looking for an appartment to purchase. It turned out that we were liked with a estate agency that was not professional enough, and as a result we lost a lot time and effort. Fortunately some of our friends recomended Red Feniks. Thanks to AlexandrMarhel and DushanStevic who know what they are doing, we were able to easily find appartment we were interested in and seal the deal just in two days. Big thanks to the whole team and their warm welcome!
John and Catherine Kendal
Lyudmila, thank you very much! Its very nice to know that there people like you. Maybe thats the reason why I bought a little oiece of happiness in this lovely country, because there are people who are in love with this country. You took all of mine doubts away, and now I am happy now that I know that on any particular period of my life I have someone to talk to. Thank you very much again!!!
I bought lovely apartment in Bigova in 2007 and untill now I have enjoyed every moment of being their. Many thanks to Svetlana from Red Feniks who recommended me Bigova.

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