Citizenship in Montenegro


Double citizenship

No requirement for residence in the country or knowledge of the language

Visa-free entry to 122 countries

The passport is valid for life (it must be renewed every 10 years).


Takes approximately 4-6 months.

Immigration specialist consultation

A specialist will study your case in detail and advise on the main aspects of the Montenegrin passport program. Collection and verification of all necessary documents, selection of real estate for investment based on your desires.

Requirements for participation in the program:

  • The main applicant must be over 18 years old
  • Have no criminal record
  • Not an EU citizen (Does not have to be EU citizen) (тожекаквариант)
  • Pass the due diligence check
  • Can confirm the origin of funds

It is planned to issue only 2,000 passports within three years, after which the program will be closed.

Selection of real estate for investment

Preparation of a portfolio of properties for investmentis based on your wishes. The goal is to help you choose a reliable investment object, ensure the purity and safety of the transaction.Thorough review of all proposed projects and negotiating the cost of projects to make sure the deal is profitable.

Preparation of documents

Experienced immigration lawyers will help prepare all the necessary documents and check each of them for compliance with the program requirements. At this stage, the investor must transfer money to an escrow account (an escrow account designed to hold money until certain requirements are met). This mechanism provides protection for the investor's funds. - it will take one month.

Applying for citizenship

The application and supporting documents are submitted to the government of Montenegro. The consideration of the application takes three months.

Approval of the application

After consideration of the application and a positive decision, the applicant receives a certificate of naturalization. There is a transfer of investments from the escrow account.

Obtaining a passport

The main applicant and his family must come to Montenegro to submit biometrics and obtain a passport. After submitting the biometrics, the passports will be ready within 24 hours.


Investments in real estate - EUR 250,000 (in the north of the country)


Investments in real estate - EUR 450,000 (in the seaside of the country)

Gratuitous contribution EUR 100,000
Due diligence check EUR 7,000 (per person)
Administration fee EUR 15,000 (for the main applicant), 10000 euro for each family member up to 4 people. 5th person 50,000 euro.
Medical insurance EUR 250 per person
The cost of opening escrow accounts about EUR 3.600
Payment for the services of the authorized intermediary who submits the application up to EUR 30,000
Payment for notary and translator services up to EUR 4,000