Why to buy in Montenegro

In a such a small country you will see Mediterranean climate of Spain,  the mountain peaks of  Switzerland, the lakes of  Italy, coves for swimming like those of the Turkish  Sea, and the exotic sandy beaches like in Tunisia.   

Montenegro is beautiful and it will maintain its investment and tourism growth pace.

Purchasing property in Montenegro should be considered a sound investment. The potential for growth in tourism makes Montenegro a natural choice for the investor. Let us focus on some facts about this idyllic country.

In the very south of the big blueness of the Adriatic Sea, in the heart of the Balkan Mountains, there exists Montenegro.

Montenegro is small but an extraordinary country. Even if it is a small country, spread on around 14000km2 and with less than 690 000 inhabitants; it is very hard briefly to describe and introduce Montenegro. One of the reasons is stormy and honorable history of this country, which had attracted many conquerors because of its specific geographical position, so they had left traces which made it such as a country with tempestuous history, rich with cultural, inherits, as multi ethnic and multi confessional country.

Beautiful nature makes Montenegro very particular and different; it is unique, untouched, pure, diverse and special. Those wild beauties represent a main Montenegrin treasure. On its small surface a magnificent coast is spread and it leaves you out of breath, and mountains with their beauty and size are conquering all your attention.

Today, Montenegro is more and more recognized as a tourist destination, with various and attractive offers which can satisfy even tourists with the most expectations. Small Montenegrin surface offers many possibilities to the tourists; they can stay on the coast and visit many beaches which are spread from Ulcinj (Ada and mouth of the river Bojana), to Herceg Novi (to the border with Croatia), and for a very short time they can visit the north of Montenegro and enjoy in mountains and numerous lakes.

Wild beauty is taking you in its arms and discovers all charms in the heart of the Europe, located in Montenegro. Visit Montenegro, visit country which will amaze you for sure.

Montenegro experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and autumns. Winters are comparatively cold with the country’s inlands experiencing heavy snowfall.

The town in Montenegro - Kotor is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage wherethere is the narrowest street in the World. This street is called: «Let the people go”.

At 1300 meters deep, the Grand Canyon of Tara River is actually the deepest canyon in Europe and second largest in the world after the Colorado canyon in the USA. 

Skadar Lake is one of the biggest bird reserves in Europe. Permanently or seasonally, 267 birds live there. It is also the habitat for 40 types of fish. Centre for Protection and Research of Montenegro (CZIP) has made big moves to protect the birds and there are more flamingos visiting the country than ever before.

In particular, Montenegro offers fantastic ski and mountain resorts which are becoming increasingly popular with tourists and locals alike.

Montenegro uses EURO as official currency since 2003, making banking and financial systems much, much easier and more adapted to European business than the majority of its neighboring nations.

According to the Montenegro Police Chief - crime rate in Montenegro among lowest in Europe.

In Montenegro, in November 2015 tourists realized  24 282 arrivals which is 6.5% more than in November 2014. The number of realized overnight stays is 104 138, which is 26.0% more than in November 2014. Overnight stays of foreign tourists represent 82.8% while the domestic tourists represent 17.2% of all overnight stays in November 2015.

Montenegro has the potential to become a magnet for investment because of its business-focused economic system. It enjoys great economic freedom and monetary stability. 

Real estate ownership in Montenegro is guaranteed and without specific limitations. For  investors  advantages are: free transfer of profits abroad,  free access to European market and Russian market, only 1 per cent of customs value, economic reforms and newly created institutions, the shortest period in the region for company registration,  avoidance of double taxation, free trade zones where firms are exempted from paying VAT and profit  taxes.

According the information of the Global Investment Trade Monitor published by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development the sectors attracting most of the FDI (Foreign direct investment) are finance, tourism, energy, health care and real estate. The main investing countries are Switzerland, Norway, Austria and Russia.

Over 5 000 foreign-owned companies are registered and operate in Montenegro; the number of registered foreign companies has doubled in past two years.

Montenegro government has committed to invest in the region €200 million into roads and tourism expansion of the coastal region alone.

Montenegro tries to keep the foreign direct investment environment as simple as possible. 

Furthermore, Montenegro is the only country in South Eastern Europe besides Serbia that has signed a Free Trade Agreement with Russia. This agreement gives goods produced in Montenegro with prevailing value added in Montenegro a free of customs access to Russia, a market of some 150 million consumers. Montenegro has also signed a Free Trade Agreement with Turkey.

Buying a property in Montenegro is a good choice.

We have a very big choice of apartments, villas, holiday houses or urban planning lands at very reasonable prices.

The interests of our company are to understand your needs and to safe your investment.